My Secret Obsession

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Cherish Lively

07 May 2024

49m 20s

Grace's Kiss Chapter 1



Sparks fly when the wholesome girl next door crosses the path of a sexy, alpha-male. 

Grace followed the rules. She always played it safe and never put her heart in jeopardy, until the night she met him. She’d never imagined connecting with an alpha-male like Ryan. Giving herself to him as he'd cradled her in his arms had come naturally... until she sobered up. He was everything that she’d convinced herself she didn’t want. Or was he everything she needed?

Ryan balanced on a thin line of gray. He’d killed his share of demons but managed to live at peace with his actions. Then he met Grace, a woman who pushed all his buttons and shook him to his core. The need to have her overwhelmed him, but she kept shooting him down. Could he convince her that he was exactly what she needed?