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Podcast by Cherish Lively

My Secret Obsession

Indulge in your secret obsession by joining Cherish Lively as she reads thrillers and spicy romance that will get your heart pounding with chills and thrills.

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28 May 2024

Grace's Kiss 4B

Grace can't deny her attraction to Ryan, but his directness and arrogance are red flags. She presents him with a challenge that she figures he will fail.



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21 May 2024

Grace's Kiss Part 4A

Grace meets her parents at their pastor’s house. The goal of lunch is to introduce her to the pastor’s son. She finds herself instantly attracted to him, but she assumes that he must be trouble. A man who looks as good as him must be a player.



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15 May 2024

Grace's Kiss Ch 2 & 3

Ch 2 Keri Hall watches Dale Cobb, a registered sex offender, as he flirts with a teenage girl. Haunted by her past, she vows to stop predators before they can destroy another life. She follows the teen girl to warn her, but it teased and belittled by the group of girls.

Ch 3 Lizzie wakes Grace up. With a pounding hangover, Grace regrets the decision to drink heavily the night before. She struggles to piece together her memories, she realizes she has to attend a lunch with her parents and their pastor. Panicked about facing them with a hangover, Grace frets over how to hide her condition. Lizzie challenges Grace to be honest with her parents.



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07 May 2024

Grace's Kiss Chapter 1

Sparks fly when the wholesome girl next door crosses the path of a sexy, alpha-male. 

Grace followed the rules. She always played it safe and never put her heart in jeopardy, until the night she met him. She’d never imagined connecting with an alpha-male like Ryan. Giving herself to him as he'd cradled her in his arms had come naturally... until she sobered up. He was everything that she’d convinced herself she didn’t want. Or was he everything she needed?

Ryan balanced on a thin line of gray. He’d killed his share of demons but managed to live at peace with his actions. Then he met Grace, a woman who pushed all his buttons and shook him to his core. The need to have her overwhelmed him, but she kept shooting him down. Could he convince her that he was exactly what she needed?



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30 April 2024

Stolen Kiss Chapters 35-37

Julia is reeling from the news of  Kim's  death. She reaches out to Cole for support but accidentally calls Bella, Bella suspects that Julia may be in danger. 

As Cole and his team race against time to reach Julia, tensions rise. Bret breaks into the bathroom, prompting a desperate struggle between him and Julia. With quick thinking, Julia manages to incapacitate Bret and make a daring escape.

After closing on the house, Cole and Julia return to his new farmhouse, where he has a surprise for Julia. Now that he's no longer a client, they are free to explose a romantic relationship. 



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25 April 2024

Stolen Kiss Chapter 33 &34

Cole, Logan, Ryan, and Tyson discuss the deaths of five women: Mandy, Stacy, Sonya, Chelsea, and Sara. They discuss possible connections. Bella, points out that all the women new to the area were accomplished and attractive. Cole realizes the connection: the killer likely met them when they moved.

Bret suggests that Julia accompany him to view a property. While there, Julia receives shocking news via text message: her friend Kim has died in a murder-suicide.